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100 Exceptional Website for Christian Theologians – Relating to Christian leadership, art, music, literature, Bible study and general Christianity.

Audio Treasure – David Williams read the entire World English Bible.

Bible Gateway – E.W. Jeffries reads the New American Standard (NT), Paul Mins read the King James (OT), Max McLean reads the New International Version, Hosanna reads the Contemporary English Version, and Marquis Laughlin reads the English Standard Version.

Bible Study Topics

Bible Surf – The free online Bible.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa – Stephen Johnston reads the King James Bible.

Firefighters for Christ – Also presenting the King James Bible.

Inductive Bible Studies – Free online resource for small group bible study or personal quiet time, offering study guides in an easy to follow Question-Answers format.

JesusWalk Bible Study Series – In-depth Internet Bible studies to build Christian disciples. Old & New Testament characters – Abraham, Gideon, Jesus. Books – Luke, Ephesians, Philippians, James, Revelation. Topics – the Church, the Sermon on the Mount, Christ’s atonement.

Online Bible Study Tools

Rest Ministries – A non-profit Christian organization that exists to serve people who live with chronic illness or pain, and their families, by providing spiritual, emotional, relational, and practical support through a variety of resources, including a monthly newsletter, Bible studies and small group materials. Hosted by Lisa Copen.

Stop Look & Listen Bible Study Method – We study the Bible and share what we learn with each other. It’s a place for us to collect what we are learning in order to share it with others. A living Bible commentary, Bible dictionary, Bible encyclopedia, study guide and lesson planner.

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