Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What version of the Bible are you reading on the podcast?
We’re reading the NET Bible (New English Translation), available online at

Why is the podcast so short?
We all tend to have busy lives. We believe in the power of the word of God, but we also know that your daily time with God will generally involve more than just Bible reading (for example, prayer and worship).

Why don’t you include devotional thoughts?
There are a ton of good folks out there with devotional books. It doesn’t fall within our vision or gifting, so we didn’t include it.

How long will you take to read the complete Bible on the podcast?
3 years total. However, we’ll read the entire New Testament each year. Generally, the NT has more direct application to the lives of believers today…but the OT is important as well. As Frederick Buechner said, the Old Testament was Jesus’s Bible, and he referred to it often in explaining God’s plan for mankind, for his ministry and for the future. So we want to include it all.

I really like the podcast. How can I help?
– Pray for us
– Tell a friend
– Post a link to our site on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or a blog
– Leave a review on iTunes (this can be invaluable in bringing it to the attention of more people)
– Or, if you’d like to financially contribute to our growth, consider making a small donation via Paypal

Where did you get the idea for doing this in the first place?
Ever since his early days in radio and voiceover work, Chuck Brown had been interested in recording the New Testament and Psalms. In fact, this site used to host recordings of his reading of about half of the World English version of the New Testament. But the advent and growth of the podcast format brought a new opportunity…to take the Word of God right to peoples’ doorstep (so to speak) on a daily basis. This seemed to us a very practical approach for helping those of us who struggle with setting aside regular time for prayer, Bible reading and devotions.

What music are you using for the theme and the breaks between the sections of the podcast?
Those are all pieces by our host, Chuck Brown. He has 3 albums of his piano music available at, and the show open and close themes are Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid and The Touch, both from his album Breathe. The other two pieces are God Looks At The Heart (played after the Old Testament reading) and You’ve Got A Plan For Me (played after the New Testament). Neither song is currently available in a piano version, although Chuck recorded God Looks At The Heart (with lyrics) as a children’s song by The Chuckleberries on their album Yellowberry Jam. More on that at

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