Hide Your Word: The Song

Several years ago, I wrote a song… primarily targeted toward kids… but, as things go sometimes, it turns out that all ages seem to really enjoy it. Since the title of this song was the inspiration for this site, I thought I’d share the lyrics and a recording of it with you:

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Hide Your Word | Chuck Brown

Here’s a lyric video. You can also read the lyrics further down on the page.

Oh, the devil he’s a crafty one
Comes a-callin when we’re weak
Spins a yarn that’s five miles long
with those twisted words he speaks
The prince of darkness tries to hide
in the shadows from the light
But the word of God exposes empty lies

I will hide your word inside my heart
for the times when darkness comes
And the times when I am tempted, Lord, to sin
And though the devil lies to me
you will call your truth to mind
And I’ll never need to fight unarmed again

When the devil came to Jesus
(who had fasted forty days)
And he whispered, “Look, you’re hungry…
Won’t you turn these stones to bread?”
But Jesus told that tempter:
“You forget that it is written
Man can’t live by bread alone
He needs the words that God has said.”


Like a squirrel before the winter
Who hides his food away
Lord, I know my food for life
Comes from the words you say


Music & Lyrics ©1994 – Chuck Brown
Waters Fine Music (BMI)

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