Interesting Quotes About The Bible

“I wanted to learn about Christ – about the Old Testament, which had been his Bible, and the New Testament, which was the Bible about him; about the history of the church, which had been founded on the faith that through him God had not only revealed his innermost nature and his purpose for the world, but had released into the world a fierce power to draw people into that nature and adapt them to that purpose.”
– Frederick Buechner

“The study of God’s Word, for the purpose of discovering God’s will, is the secret discipline which has formed the greatest characters.”
– James W. Alexander

“Time can take nothing from the Bible. It is the living monitor. Like the sun, it is the same in its light and influence to man this day which it was years ago. It can meet every present inquiry and console every present loss.”
– Richard Cecil

“The incongruity of the Bible with the age of its birth; its freedom from earthly mixtures; its original, unborrowed, solitary greatness; the suddenness with which it broke forth amidst the general gloom; these, to me, are strong indications of its Divine descent. I cannot reconcile them with a human origin.”
– William Ellery Channing

“There came a time in my life when I doubted the divinity of the Scriptures, and I resolved as a lawyer and a judge I would try the Book as I would try anything in the courtroom, taking evidence for and against. It was a long, serious and profound study and using the same principles of evidence in this religious matter as I always do in secular matters, I have come to the decision that the Bible is a supernatural Book, that it has come from God, and that the only safety for the human race is to follow its teachings.”
– Salmon P. Chase

“There is a small book: one can put it in one’s pocket, and yet all the libraries of America, numerous as they are, would hardly be large enough to hold all the books which have been inspired by this one little volume. The reader will know what I am speaking of; it is the Bible, as we are used to call it — the Book, the book of mankind, as it has properly been called.”
– Ernest von Dobschutz

“Pile them, if you will, on the left side of your study table; but place your own Holy Bible on the right side — all by itself, all alone — and with a wide gap between them. For…there is a gulf between it and the so-called books of the East which severs the one from the other utterly, hopelessly, and forever…a veritable gulf which cannot be bridged over by any science of religious thought.”
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“The BIBLE — banned, burned, beloved. More widely read, more frequently attacked than any other book in history. Generations of intellectuals have attempted to discredit it, dictators of every age have outlawed it and executed those who read it. Yet soldiers carry it into battle believing it more powerful than their weapons. Fragments of it smuggled into solitary prison cells have transformed ruthless killers into gentle saints.”
– Charles Colson

“The empire of Caesar is gone; the legions of Rome are smouldering in the dust; the avalanches of Napoleon hurled upon Europe have melted away, the prince of the pharoahs is fallen; the pyramids they raised to be their tombs are sinking every day in the desert sands; Tyre is a rock for bleaching fisherman’s nets; Sidon has scarcely left a wreck behind; but the Word of God still survives: All things that threatened to extinguish it have only aided it; and it proves every day how transient is the noblest monument that men can build, how enduring is the least Word that God has spoken.”
– Albert Baird Cummins

“After more than sixty years of almost daily reading of the Bible, I never fail to find it always new and marvelously in tune with the changing needs of every day.”
– Cecil B. DeMille

“The Bible is a window in this prison world, through which we may look into eternity.”
– Timothy Dwight

“I have known ninety-five of the world’s greatest men in my time, and of these eighty-seven were followers of the Bible. The Bible is stamped with a Specialty of Origin, and an immeasurable distance separates it from all competitors.”
– W.E. Gladstone

“The Bible is…as necessary to spiritual life as breath is to natural life. There is nothing more essential to our lives than the Word of God.”
– Jack Hayford

“I have found in the Bible words for my inmost thought; songs for my joy, utterance for my hidden griefs and pleadings for my shame and feebleness.”
– Victor Hugo

“The Bible redirects my will, cleanses my emotions, enlightens my mind, and quickens my total being.”
– E. Stanley Jones

“The Bible gives me a deep, comforting sense that ‘things seen are temporal, and things unseen are eternal'”.
– Helen Keller

“The Bible is a Book in comparison with which all others are of minor importance, and which in all my perplexities and distresses has never failed to give me light and strength.”
– Robert E. Lee

“I am busily engaged in the study of the Bible. I believe it is God’s Word because it finds me where I am.”
– Abraham Lincoln

“The book to read is not one which thinks for you, but the one that makes you think. No other book in the world equals the Bible for that.”
– James McCosh

“The vigor of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts.”
– George Mueller

“I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by men who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.”
– Sir Isaac Newton

“One of the many divine qualities of the Bible is this: that it does not yield its secrets to the irreverent and censorious.”
– J. I. Packer

“The Bible goes equally to the cottage of the peasant, and the palace of the king. It is woven into literature, and colors the talk of the street. The bark of the merchant cannot sail without it; and no ship of war goes to the conflict but it is there. It enters men’s closets; directs their conduct, and mingles in all the grief and cheerfulness of life.”
– Theodore Parker

“No man, educated or uneducated, can afford to be ignorant of the Bible.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

“Here then, is the real problem of our negligence. We fail in our duty to study God’s Word not so much because it is difficult to understand, nor so much because it is dull and boring, but because it is work. Our problem is not a lack of intelligence or lack of passion. Our problem is that we are lazy.”
– R.C. Sproul

“The real influence of the Bible cannot be measured: It is reckoned only in terms of hearts that have been lifted up, decisions that have been changed, the men and women who, in response to its impervious demands, have done justice and loved kindness and walked humbly with God.”
– J. Carter Swaim

“Born in the East and clothed in Oriental form and imagery, the BIBLE walks the ways of all the world with familiar feet and enters land after land to find its own everywhere. It has learned to speak in hundreds of languages to the heart of man. Children listen to its stories with wonder and delight, and wise men ponder them as parables of life. The wicked and proud tremble at its warnings, but to the wounded, and penitent it has a mother’s voice. It has woven itself into our dearest dreams; so that love, friendship, sympathy, devotion, memory, hope, put on the beautiful garments of its treasured speech. No man is poor or desolate who has this treasure for his own. When the landscape darkens, and the trembling pilgrim comes to the Valley named of the Shadow, he is not afraid to enter; he takes the rod and staff of Scripture in his hand; he says to friend and comrade; ‘Goodbye; we shall meet again;’, and, confronted by that support,
he goes toward the lonely pass as one who walks through darkness into light.”
– Henry Van Dyke

“I may add that the result of my 45 years of study of the BIBLE has led me all the time to a firmer faith that in the Old Testament, we have a true historical account of the history of the Israelite people” ,

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